Discovery 2017

The system to capturing 10x returns is revealed...
plus a full portfolio of 30 small-cap stocks.


It was a bold project... finding 30 small- and micro-cap stocks that have the potential for 10x returns — and then creating a portfolio with specific allocation and buy-up-to prices. We have never offered a service like this before, so everything had to be built from scratch. Fun! We decided to name this new product, Motley Fool Discovery 2017. Since this was designed to be a one-time purchase, I wanted the design to look totally different and more dynamic than the usual product template. I put the focus more on the companies than the service itself since that's essentially what you're looking for.

Discovery 2017 Discovery 2017


I wanted to stay inline with the current logo construct, but make it a little bit more unique. Plus, since Discovery was going to launch multiple portfolios, I needed to make sure the logo was able to be updated easily without altering its look too much.

Discovery 2017


After days of marketing and building a strong hotlist, the event ended up being a complete success. In fact, it became a template for subsequent campaigns that came after it.