Stansberry Innovations Report

Former NASA Astronaut and SpaceX Insider Issues Big
2020 Prediction Every American Needs to See.


This one was fun. Space is the final frontier — even when it comes to investing. So we created this video which featured a REAL former NASA astronaut pitching our tech newsletter. Unfortunately, this was right around when COVID hit, so we weren't able to fly out to LA and shoot it ourselves. Instead, we sent him all the equipment and had him set it all up and shoot it. Granted, it wasn't quite the quality we wanted, but we made it work. Between the copywriter and myself, we constructed every single web asset along with the video.



Due to external circumstances that were out of our control — and a few other reasons which I won't get into here — this campaign didn't perform quite as well as we would have hoped. Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of the work we put into this campaign.

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