Bull vs. Bear Summit

Is this the end of this historic bull market,
or is it just getting started?


If you're an investor and follow the markets, then you'll remember December of 2018 as one of the most volitale months ever. In fact, the Dow Jones Index had the largest percentage drop in its history. Needless to say, investors were shaken and unsure about where the market was going next. So we decided to host a special event that included some of the best and brightest minds in investing... including legendary investor Whitney Tilson, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, and Alex Green among others. There were bullish cases, and there were bearish cases... but in the end, they all agreed that it doesn't matter what the market is doing if you're using TradeStops — a proprietary software that takes care of all the guesswork about when to buy stocks, and when to sell.

Bull vs. Bear Market
Bull vs. Bear Summit


At the outset of our planning stage, I wanted to create a clean, simple logo that could used for multiple purposes in this campaign. Obviously this being the Bull vs. Bear Summit, I went with the bull and the bear... duh, right? I kept it 2-color for printing and repurposing needs, and I chose Rockwell + Proxima Nova as the fonts.

Bull vs. Bear Summit


After weeks of marketing and building a strong hotlist, the event surpassed our revenue expections on the initial night of its launch. Replay efforts brought in more revenue the week following the event. Not too shabby if you ask me.